To A Taste of Mediterranean

Join us in the heart of new orleans

Our Mediterranean decor is an authentic setting for your dining experience.  Whether you are planning a corporate luncheon, cocktail gathering, networking event or casual dining, our mission is to serve only the freshest and authentic flavors of Greece and the Mediterranean. Our passion is great food, great wine and creating great memories!  We are honored to host you in the heart of uptown New Orleans on Freret Street and we invite you to experience the Greek Islands and The Taste of Mediterranean. 

Bob Vaughn

Wine Director / owner

Bob has been interested in wine from early adulthood. Air Force friends had been stationed in Germany and had some white wine bottled with the Squadron crest. After a period of exploring whites, an inauspicious entry into red wines was afforded via Lambrusco, a slightly effervescent Italian red. Over the years and with exposure to many varietals and regions, a true appreciation of and love for wine developed. Along the way, Bob rebelled against some of the over-oaked Napa Chardonnay in favor of Sauvignon Blanc and whites (including Chardonnays) from other countries. Nebbiolo is his favorite grape though deep, dark brooding Cabs are always enjoyed. Bob generally like wines that punch him in the face. The elegance and aromas can be so exquisite that just smelling the wine is an experience. All of that says Bob enjoys wine!! He is not a connoisseur and prefers sharing with family and friends. Bob like stories. He likes people with stories. He likes wine with stories too.

A few years ago, a friend invited him to invest in his label, Coup de Foudre, and the passion turned into investment. He created a business with his children and their spouses, (his bonus children), and wine seemed like a natural fit. LVTR was formed and we meet annually to visit, drink wine and discuss future investment plans. We have expanded our holdings, always looking for high quality wine and great partners.

Bob is a member of the Chaine des Rotisseurs and is an investor in Coup de Foudre, Revolver, Arnyca and Page Wines.
Acropolis on Freret is a partnership between Bob and his wife CJ and they are enjoying exploring wines from Greece and the Mediterranean. They wanted to offer every wine by the glass, including expensive bottles that they Coravin. This option opens the world of these fantastic wines to all of their guests.
Bob likes stories… and this is Bob’s!

CJ Jumonville

Managing Partner

Having over 16 years of sales, marketing and event planning experience, CJ has worked on many projects in the hospitality, non-profit and television media and production industries.

CJ has engineered and directed many events from political campaign parties and national food festivals to The Deep Water Horizon Trials aired on C-Span. CJ has also engineered The Catholics in the Crescent City and Holy Bowler: The John Blancher Rock-N-Bowl Documentaries as well as conceptualized Community Coffee: Cheers to A Hundred Years which can still be seen on public television networks.

She has had the honor to format, fund and co-produce several local programs as well as two national series on LeSEA Broadcasting’s WHT network. 

Her first love has always been the customer service industry.  “Serving others makes the world a better place!” The relationship and networking side of business is a huge part of her success. Opening a restaurant allows CJ to use her gifts to serve others. That’s her passion! 

Her love of wine and Mediterranean food plus her passion for her guests makes this experience a dream fullfilled. Live the joyful life; one connection at a time and join us at Acropolis On Freret!